Transport Software Development

We design and develop custom software solutions for transport and logistics companies, helping to increase their profits by effectively managing passenger and cargo transportation, storage, stockpiling, and inventory accounting. We specialize in working with innovative ideas and new trends in the transport and logistics market.
Put the right custom software at the base of your logistics complex and get the benefits of digitalization that market leaders are already using.  
Supply chain management
  • Supply chain and warehouse management and shipments tracking
  • Vehicle fleet accounting
  • Decision support systems
IoT in transportation industry
  • Vehicle fleet control & monitoring (vehicle safety technologies, driving assistance systems)
  • Automatic routing and route optimization (inclusive of real time adjustments and corrections)
  • Delivery / shipment monitoring, transparency and integrity control along the supply chain
General business automation
  • Applications (mobile inclusive) for planning and organizing travel/trips
  • Web portals for order tracking, inventory management and billing
  • Unified Communications Systems and call-centers
  • Omni-channel customer engagement
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