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Without any reservation, I highly recommend the services and development of Axmor. They have exceeded all of our expectations, time and time again. Expect great development and source code, with incredible customer service. In short, we look forward to working with Axmor on any future projects.
George Mavromaras, President at Mavro, Inc.
Our organization has been working with Axmor for several years now. As an innovative concept firm, we required a team capable of providing value beyond the delivery of requirements to help us work through complex problems when the unknowns far surpassed the knowns - a common problem when crafting next-generation tech. For projects where budgets, schedules, performance, and out-of-the-box thinking are critical, we will always turn to Axmor.
Advanced Concepts Research Group, LLC
We have been a long time customer of Axmor, now exceeding four years. They have been absolutely fantastic - far surpassing our expectations. They are extremely responsive to our needs and provide exceptional support when needed. We are very pleased with their work and the time it has taken to complete our requests. It is too bad that not more companies have the responsiveness and work ethic we have found with Axmor. I would highly recommend you absolutely consider Axmor as an option for your next project.
Jeff Graham, Automatic Distributors
We've been using Axmor for a number of years both as our core development team and for monitoring of our live cloud server environment. The application is business critical for our customers so it was key for us to build a relationship with a partner we could rely on. We've found Axmor staff to be professional, capable and flexible; they've been able to increase and decrease resource according to our needs and have always gone the extra mile to help us out with customer issues or to quickly diagnose and fix production problems. We'd be happy to recommend Axmor as a development partner for any company needing external technical resource.
Jeremy Doyle, Director at Bluefish Retail Ltd
I have been working with Axmor since 2009. I have always been impressed by their top-notch workforce and how productive they are. The team is very accommodating, responsive and professional. They have also impressed me with their willingness to solve any problems that may potentially occur throughout the entire project.
Gus Frangou, Cellecta Inc.
I have been working with Axmor for over a year now and I find the quality of work to be at an utmost high. My firm works closely with Axmor developers for a variety of needs and I find them to be extremely professional, attentive, and value adding. They understand our needs and often make excellent suggestions that save time and money. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for business application development.
Helmut Boisch, CEO of H. Boisch Solutions, LLC
The race does not stop on the nights and weekends, so I had to ping the Axmor team on Skype in their mornings, in their evenings, late evenings, weekends, holidays - I always got what I was asking for with no delays. People like the Axmor team and their work ethics are a large part of the reason we love working with your team, and I look forward to continuing to do just that.
IBM Emerging Technology's Client Engagement Team
IBM ATS continues to enjoy working with Axmor and have a specific team focusing on our delivery.
Jim Smith, IBM Emerging Internet Technologies Group
Axmor team was a pleasure to work with. Responsive, professional, on time, and on budget.
Jim Hoskins, Maximum Press
The Team was very professional, courteous, and efficient. They were easy to work with, especially in regard to the time difference.
Robert W. Feighl, National Park Community College
Imagine asking someone to pack your suitcase without telling them how. Axmor will not only pack your suitcase, but they will fold your clothes first and optimize the use of your limited space. That's what they do - exceed expectations - avoid taking short cuts - and deliver; to give you the peace of mind you need.
Kunal Johar, OpenWater
We've been working with the team at Axmor for almost three years. We've found their developers, sales staff, and management to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable, and the work of very good quality. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictability. Axmor has really worked at understanding and meeting our needs. Best of all they understand that if we help our customers be successful then we will be successful and Axmor will be successful. Axmor approaches their work with a desire to build a strong long-term relationship and keep their clients happy by being results oriented. I whole heartedly recommend them.
Bruce Behymer, CEO of Samaritan Technologies, Ltd.
Your work is brilliant! The more we've used it and seen realtime updates, the more we understand the complexities and issues that you have solved. Bravo!
John McGinn, founder of South
I came to Axmor with zero experience creating iOS apps. They patiently guided me through every step of the way, met every deadline and fulfilled every request. When problems arose, they had solutions. The finished product was exactly what I wanted and has performed flawlessly. Overall, I was more than satisfied with my experience and would recommend Axmor to anyone thinking about designing smartphone apps.
Natalie Fayman, Vet4Life, LLC
We saw the impressive Microsoft Silverlight based Gantt Chart Scheduling component developed by Axmor and engaged them to develop a custom version of the same to enhance one of our software solutions. Axmor was able to understand our requirements well and deliver on time. Our customers now enjoy a very user friendly editable Gantt Chart interface for managing the flight schedules. This is certainly a value addition.
Venkata Chilukuri, Siemens Industry, Inc.
We are very satisfied with the work Axmor has been doing for us. By far, we have engaged with them for the 3d Mobile project already. Axmor team stands out for their customer-centric work approach and for intuitive user-friendly solution designs. Axmor team throughout the projects has always been in touch and very easy to deal with.
Deloitte CIS
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