Dedicated Team as the Basis for the Effective Long-term Project Development

We select developers for a team dedicated to a single project. Full immersion in the subject area and in the details of the implementation of the system allows the developers to act as a functional extension of the project team on your side, assimilating their priorities and concerns, fostering greater understanding, dedication to quality, and ultimately — a better product.

Kurt Koffka
«The whole is other than the sum of the parts».
Team set-up
and project
At the beginning of collaboration we select the core team of developers, who will be permanently assigned to your project. If necessary, a dedicated team can be supplemented on a temporary basis by specialists of the required qualifications, for example, graphic designers or QA engineers. The core team remains unchanged until the end of the project and is not distracted by other tasks.
The stability of the project team composition creates great conditions for fostering communication, not only at the managerial level on the customer and developer side, but also among the staff who have direct contact with each other. This allows us to work on issues requiring deep technical expertise at a greater speed of information exchange, as well as to avoid the loss of nuances in its transmission.
Working on your project, the team collects and improves the documentation and knowledge base, and also accumulates project expertise. One of the most valuable advantages of a dedicated team is the appearance of highly specialized highly qualified developers.
While working on your project, the team collects and enhances project documentation and knowledge base, as well as project specific expertise. One of the most valuable benefits of a dedicated team is acquiring highly specialized developers.
Benefits of working with a dedicated team
Dedicated team as the basis for the effective long-term project development
Easy management
When setting goals, people who are already familiar with the subject area and terminology of the project require significantly less explanation than a new person. When everyone on a team works within the same context, instructions are easily transmitted and tasks are performed accurately.
Dedicated team as the basis for the effective long-term project development
Iterative development
At each next stage, the experience gained in the development of the previous one is taken into account, new knowledge is applied and the course of action is adjusted. Preservation of the main composition of the dedicated team protects the project from loss of knowledge, and provides safer and more thought-out solutions.
Dedicated team as the basis for the effective long-term project development
Experience accumulation
Our staff turnover among senior developers is 3.4%, which is significantly lower than the industry average of 13.2%. At the same time, we support a culture of constantly expanding the horizons of our specialists. In this combination of a broad expertise with a narrow specialization, we see the secret of creating effective technical solutions.
Dedicated team as the basis for the effective long-term project development
Easy to scale and replace people
We have a backup pool of specialists to scale the team for maximum production speed and well-established training practises to quickly bring newcomers up to speed. Together with the accumulated project knowledge base, this provides a much smoother onboarding and substitution, should the need arise.
Dedicated team as the basis for the effective long-term project development
Immersion promotes quality
Deep immersion in the subject area helps developers focus and work creatively and productively.
Dedicated team example from our portfolio

For Samaritan Technologies we developed a platform for the management of volunteer projects with the ability to search through a shared database of programs, a legal audit module for volunteers, and a time tracking system. During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the system became widely used to organize, coordinate, and plan the work of medical personnel and the distribution of volunteers, which required the rapid repurposing of the platform for the needs of hospitals. Because the project was handled by the same dedicated team, the necessary changes were made in record time.

1 000 000+ hours of volunteers’ activities registered in the Samaritan Technologies customers reports.

5 people
Project Manager, 3 developers, QA-engineer
man-hours total labor costs
in 2003
the project started and continues to this day
70% of our clients return with new projects
on custom software 
development market
developers with experience 
across multiple industries
successful projects for 
clients all over the world
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