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Tailored to Your Business

We develop custom software for small businesses and inventive entrepreneurs who want to automate operations, equip remote workplaces for employees, integrate and upscale novel and legacy systems, or build something entirely new.
Over the past two decades we’ve helped more than 200 companies who wanted to stay focused on their business while relying on us for the supply of the highly qualified IT-specialists and their organization into well-coordinated project teams.
We help you elaborate business requirements into the technical specification
We offer our technical expertise to help turn your vision into case studies, user stories, screen designs, architectural solutions, and finally the precise software specification. We have analysts who assess your business requirements, technology experts who select the most suitable platforms and frameworks, and UI/UX designers who create the look and feel of your software. While paying attention to the finer details, we always keep the upper-level requirements in mind. Having reaped the benefits of such collaboration, some of our customers even ask us to challenge their own ideas, requesting that we give the green light only to solutions that are advantageous from both business and technical perspectives.
Our dedicated team works as a coherent extension of your in-house team
As a client you have the option to control the assignment of key personnel working on your project. Full time dedication allows them to completely immerse themselves into the subject matter. Over time, these specialists become a natural extension of your in-house team. Leading developers turn to the project-specific experts, much like in product companies. This ensures knowledge preservation, which is a key component for success in the long-term development and support of the software. You usually maintain a single point of contact with your team, but to ensure a faster turnaround and more efficient planning you can keep track of all tasks assigned to each team member, as we make our processes completely transparent for you.
We value long-term mutual success over immediate gains
We always treat our clients as partners and strive to be a good partner ourselves. No matter the size of your project, we want it to have a long-lasting positive effect on your business. Since this is important to you, it is equally important to us. You can rest assured that your project team is backed by a stable company that is making continuous improvements to its processes, handling recruitment and training, establishing awareness of new technologies, and taking care of knowledge transfer within the team. In any challenging situation we remain steadfast and loyal to our clients, adhering to solutions that are favorable to their long-term interests. This position is respected by our clients, many of whom regularly return to us with new projects.
Non-disruptive modernization of legacy systems
An innovation does not have to start from ground zero. Many of our clients had been using their business automation systems for years before approaching us with requirement to upgrade their legacy software. Our vast experience with technologies rapidly replacing one another lets us support your current system while we work on its next version. We guarantee a smooth transition meaning that you will be able to keep your business up and running throughout the change.
Over 30% of our developers are senior-level specialists. It is our priority to keep the team stable and improving. At 3.4%, the churn rate among our key experts is far below the industry average of 13.2%.
70% of our clients return with new projects
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