Retail Software

We design and develop software that helps businesses meet new trade and retail objectives. We specialize in working with innovative ideas and new trends in the highly competitive retail market.
Commerce is one of the areas of the economy where the most violent and rapid IT arms race is taking place. Take advantage of Axmor's wealth of experience to provide consumers with the best shopping and payment options.
Staff optimization, supply, and equipment management
  • Route planning and optimization, real-time inclusive
  • Resource, equipment and product storage systems monitoring, smart shelving, shopping trolleys
  • Cashier less shops, automatic scanning of items, billing and payment via RFID tags
  • Goods loading and staff management efficiency control in trading branches
  • Inventory automation through RFID tags
Customer behavior analysis
  • Development and tracking of ‘thermal maps’ monitoring visitor movement, involving iBeacons
  • Personalized shopping histories analysis, Cross-selling and Up-selling
Sales stimulation and customer retention
  • Integration and management of retail chains’ loyalty programs
  • Augmented reality in marketing activities (mobile apps with built-in push notifications)
  • Integration of various VoIP based communication channels. Single informational space development and integration of all sales channels
Other projects for retail
We develop custom software that takes into account your business priorities and provides functionality that is not available in out-of-the-box products.
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