Medical Software Development

We design and develop custom healthcare software products for pharmacology, telemedicine, and bioinformatics. We have extensive experience in sequencing data analysis, scientific computing, and molecular modeling.
Our expertise in technically complex projects ensures the delivery of our clients’ innovative ideas to the medical and pharmaceutical markets.
Practice Management
  • Clinical data analysis and visualization;
  • Healthcare services quality assurance analysis;
  • monitoring of technologically sophisticated medical equipment using IoT solutions;
Telemedicine. Remote clinical services
  • Imaging. Remote transmission of medical information and examination in real time ;
  • Remote diseases services monitoring via mobile devices ;
  • remote patient consultations via videoconferencing, second medical opinion service, organization of consultations and webinars for medical workers.  
Clinical research and data analysis
  • Clinical research guidelines development ;
  • Instrumentation for clinical data processing;
  • Clinical data analysis and visualization.
As an innovative concept firm, we required a team capable of providing value beyond the delivery of requirements to help us work through complex problems when the unknowns far surpassed the knowns - a common problem when crafting next-generation tech. For projects where budgets, schedules, performance, and out-of-the-box thinking are critical, we will always turn to Axmor.
Advanced Concepts Research Group, LLC
  • Management and analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data;
  • Statistical analysis of DNA barcodes;
  • Quality control in DNA sequencing;
  • Molecular modeling.
Other projects for healthcare
We develop custom software that takes into account your business priorities and provides functionality that is not available in out-of-the-box products.
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