Mobile application for a window replacement company

A new communication channel to attract consumers who prefer to place orders via mobile applications.


We've been contacted by a window production, installation, and maintenance company. The company's management decided to create a new communication channel to attract new consumers who have grown accustomed to to placing orders via mobile applications. Axmor was tasked with the development of a mobile client for iOS and Android platforms to be integrated with the backend system already in use by the company, in addition to creating a design concordant with the existing corporate style, and working out the business logic and use cases.


The mobile application allows our client to cultivate deeper relationships with their customers and stimulate sales growth through mobile marketing. In addition, it opens up a new customer segment: users of the AppStore and the Google Play Market, channels that provide a clearer picture of ​​the actual user/customer conversion rate when compared with a standard website.

The app was designed in accordance with the company’s corporate style. The primary corporate colors of the company , orange and white, have a high level of contrast when combined. Axmor designers were faced with the challenge of successfully reflecting the unique style of the company on the relatively small screen of a smartphone, while making the application lightweight and not overloaded with bright details. This was achieved by the economical use of orange: it highlights only the most important elements that require the user’s attention.

Authorization and registration

Potential clients can leave their contact information, allowing the relevant account manager to reach out to the client.

Appointment scheduling

On the app’s main screen, users can sign up for window measurements and choose their preferred date and time for a consultant’s visit.

Personal account

After the contract has been signed, the user can access a new section in the application with information relating to the installation date, technician’s name, window models, accessories, colors, materials, etc.


In the "Bonuses" section, the user can choose what to spend earned points on under the loyalty program. The company has an extensive affiliate network and offers a wide selection of goods and services.


The "Promotions" section informs users about the company’s current offers, providing the ability to immediately take advantage of them by signing up for a measurement. This section helps to cement the loyalty of regular customers by offering them bonuses for completed orders.

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