Mobile Application Using Beacons for Retail

The solution provides an opportunity to personalize sales using contextual advertising and loyalty system gamification.

The Objective

To design and develop a mobile app for retail network customers and store administrators, which will help to simplify customer navigation within departments of the store, create a heat map showing client movement, and expand contextual product advertising opportunities.

Software Solution

Axmor software developers designed and developed a mobile application utilizing beacons for retailers.

Bluetooth (BLE)
Shopping mall navigation

The beacons located inside the retail space and the mobile app allow the customer to easily navigate around the store and obtain the best route to a specific store department or rack.

Personal shopping list creation

The application user can create a personalized list of desired items.

Personal shopping list sharing

The customer can share the shopping list with other app users

Product details

Viewing the item via a smartphone camera brings up detailed information for the customer:manufacturer, description, price, etc.

Customer movement heat maps

With the use of beacons, the solution captures the app user’s movement within the retail space. Overlaying customer routes, a heat map is generated by the system. The heat map visualizes which areas customers most often frequent, and which items or aisles are most popular.

Contextual advertising and creation of push-notifications

The beacons in the retail space and the mobile app accurately determine the customer’s location and send out ads relating to item discounts when the customer is in close proximity to a particular aisle or store section.

Loyalty system gamification

The application assigns geolocation-based objectives for customers. For example, to visit a specific department or to search for a particular aisle. Beacons track the app users’ movement and bonuses are awarded for completed objectives.

How It Works
Customers of retail networks install the mobile app, which helps them to easily navigate inside the retail space, to create shopping lists, to obtain useful information about items, to receive bonuses and push-notifications regarding relevant promotions and discounts. Information about the customer movements within the retail space is available for the store administrators. The solution provides an opportunity to personalize sales using contextual advertising and loyalty system gamification.
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