Integration of Payment Gateway with POS System

Payment gateway integration with a POS system enables customers to make purchases quickly and securely. We integrated a payment gateway with a POS system according to PCI DSS and PA DSS standards. Learn more about our experience in payment gateway integration services and custom software development.


In order to improve its payment gateway, our customer decided to integrate it with popular POS solutions. The project goal was to integrate the gateway with the cloud-based POS system Vend Limited, whose clients include over 15,000 stores worldwide. The customer selected Axmor for this project because of our extensive experience in developing payment gateways and POS systems.


Axmor integrated our client’s payment gateway with the Vend POS system. Now employees in retail stores that use this POS system can accept payments for goods via our client’s payment gateway.

Vend API
SOAP Web Services
Processing Sales and Refunds

At present, two types of transactions are available: accepting a credit card payment for goods or services (sale) and putting money back on a credit card (refund).

Integration with a Multimedia Payment Device

To make a payment with a credit card via the payment gateway of our customer, the employees of retail stores that use the Vend POS system can use multimedia payment devices. This payment terminal has enabled the store to make payment transactions, process various credit cards (magnetic strip, chip, or proximity cards) and interact with the buyer (to enter a PIN code or capture a signature on the device screen).

Entering Information Manually

Store employees can enter credit card information manually on the secure page of the payment gateway, which we integrated into the Vend web interface.

Provided Value
We integrated the payment gateway with the POS system in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS).
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