Volunteer Projects Management

A platform for searching and registering volunteers, task assignment, and time reports. It is now widely used to organize, coordinate, and plan the work of professional medical personnel in hospitals to fight against COVID-19.


The task for the Axmor team was to develop a software solution with front-end and back-end components to search for volunteers and manage volunteer projects. The software solution had to include the following functions: separate interfaces for volunteers and coordinators, volunteer registration, applicant background check (including legal and medical), task assignment, time tracking and reporting system.


Organizations running volunteer activities and programs enter into cooperation with Samaritan Technologies. The dedicated interface is provided for volunteers and coordinators on the client’s website. Volunteers are registered, participate in surveys, and report on their activities. Coordinators check the applicant’s background, assign programs, manage schedules, generate automated e-mail notifications and conduct reports analysis. The websites front-end and back-end is configured based on the project functions and the customer’s requirements.

Platform to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

During COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic the Samaritan Technologies volunteer management system is widely used to organize, coordinate, and plan the work of professional medical personnel as well as to direct volunteer teams to the places that need reinforcements the most, protecting millions of people.

Samaritan Technologies CEO, Bruce Behymer, says: "In response to the outbreak of coronavirus, one of our clients, a San Francisco Bay area hospital, quickly reduced all non-emergency operations and contacted their human resources department to help them reassign specialists to new posts oriented toward the pandemic. The urgency of meeting new challenges, creating new roles, scheduling, and task tracking was overwhelming. Their existing internal software, that focused primarily on wages and benefits accrual, did not meet the new requirements."

One of their volunteer coordinators pointed the hospital's attention to the platform already used to coordinate their thousands of volunteers - the volunteer recruitment and coordination software products from Samaritan Technologies. "We already have a platform that can meet this need”, the coordinator said, “It’s what we do with our volunteers all the time. I know somebody, who can put together a system for organizing and filling our professional reassignment needs, just like they do for our volunteers.” Adjusted to the hospital's requirements, the same platform could be used to organize medical professional reassignment to battle COVID-19.

"The hospital called us. Within 72 hours, they had a working web-based staff scheduling system, compliant with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)", continued Behymer. Hospital staff responsible for personnel coordination and transfers expressed their feedback to Samaritan after having used the platform: "I am so impressed with your team. It’s amazing! The platform is so intuitive and efficient. We will probably want to keep using it … even after the crisis is over", - commented the person in charge of the staff reassignment.

Axmor’s programmers are the core team behind the development of the Samaritan volunteer management system. Over the past several weeks, our team stayed in touch with Samaritan 24/7, always ready to quickly implement new features to prepare the system for new challenges.

Angular 1
Angular 6
SOAP/REST WebServices
All for Good
Best of all they understand that if we help our customers be successful then we will be successful and Axmor will be successful. Axmor approaches their work with a desire to build a strong long-term relationship and keep their clients happy by being results oriented.
Client-end management

Samaritan Technologies can customize the user interface for volunteers and coordinators, in accordance with their client’s functionality.

Client website integration

Axmor’s volunteer programs management solution is integrated with the client’s software.

Volunteer registration

Volunteer organizations can create their own registration forms with built-in translation services (many languages supported), versions for people with disabilities, and other available options.

Opportunity search engine for volunteer activities

The system allows volunteers to find programs based on geographical location, dates, keywords and other parameters.

Volunteer Dashboard

In the volunteer’s personal profile, scheduled activities can be viewed and reports can be compiled and sent. Volunteers can also take part in surveys.

Volunteer background checks

A project coordinator’s profile allows background checks of applicants to be conducted , including information regarding their legal status and a criminal history check. The data is automatically downloaded from federal databases like Backgroundchecks.com and VerifiedVolunteers.com.

Coordinator scheduler

The interface allows coordinators to view applications, assign volunteers to shifts, and compare the activity schedule.

Working hours record-keeping

The system allows you to coordinate volunteer activities, total the number of working hours, and display rates.


Volunteers can participate in surveys initiated by the program organizers. Relevant polls appear in a volunteer’s profile.


The coordinator interface enables reports to be generated in Adobe PDF format and sent by e-mail if desired.

E-mail notifications

Coordinators are able to send out volunteer email notifications through their profiles, automated mode inclusive.

Provided value
  • 1400+ organizations use our software solution to run volunteer programs
  • 100 000+ volunteers participated in programs managed on sites with our software solution
  • 1 000 000+ hours of volunteers’ activities registered in the Samaritan Technologies customers reports
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