Mobile app development

RFID Based Software Application Development

Our mobile applications implement Radio Frequency Object Identification (RFID) technology when solving a number of complex business tasks.


How does RFID work? Radio-Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags that are attached to objects.

  • Sales Automation Application («Salesperson-free store»)
  • Apps to control goods movement and stock availability (OOS and OSA)
  • Stock apps for inventory automation, stock arrival, availability and management.
  • RFID Applications for goods authentication and identification.
RFID Based Application Development



RFID Usage Examples


In healthcare
to track the distribution of pharmaceutical products and control the movement of medical equipment around the territories of hospitals and clinics.
In retail
to control the on-shelf availability of items, their movements, inventory automation, stock arrival, and management.

In logistics
tracking the status of the cargo during transportation, location monitoring.
In manufacturing
tracking objects and loads.

Programming languages (mobile client, web-client, backend)
Java 8
Operating System
Technologies (mobile client, web-client, backend)
graphQL (for communication)
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
GitLab CI
Skilfully selected technologies provide the development of flexible, scalable solutions.

Our Advantages
RFID Based Application Development
Transparency of business processes
In order to nurture strong relationships with our clients, we conduct weekly meetings, demo sessions, and training during the project phases. We provide access to our issue tracking and project management system, and are open to working with our client’s third-party software.
RFID Based Application Development
Intellectual Property Protection
The NDA is signed at the project evaluation stage, delivering all the rights to the software product and the source code to the customer.
RFID Based Application Development
Full software development life cycle
We provide a full project lifecycle from the generation of system requirements and solution development, to the product release and post implementation support.
RFID Based Application Development
Client satisfaction and quality assurance
To build strong relationships with our clients we conduct weekly meetings, demo sessions, and training during the project phases.
RFID Based Application Development
Fast project start-up
We are ready to begin development without detailed specification of the requirements, based on your vision of the product.
RFID Based Application Development
Continuous delivery
A flexible development methodology ensures the delivery of the application throughout the duration of the project.

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