Large Area Illumination Calculation Web Service

Online high-mast lighting calculator for a lighting equipment manufacturer.


Axmor were contacted by a company that in addition to manufacturing and selling lighting equipment, also provides advanced lighting calculation services.

The company approached Axmor in order to develop an online high-mast lighting calculator which was required to be integrated with their website. The company's potential buyers and project managers often need to calculate the approximate number of lighting units for large rectangular spaces, the lux level at a certain distance from the high-mast lighting, or graphically visualize the light distribution of high-mast lamps.

Our developers were tasked with designing and developing a simple and intuitive service for quick lighting calculation tasks.

Unlike professional lighting calculation tools that require installation and specific design skills, Axmor's service allows you to conduct calculations on any device with internet access.

The online calculator service does not require download or installation, which significantly improves operational performance. This service is an informational web resource that allows the customer to select spotlights from the site database and perform lighting calculations. Users can also select a spotlight, assess light distribution from a specific spotlight modification or perform a model comparison.


The online calculator service is used to analyze the illumination of large areas, such as ports, airports, outside car parks, rail yards, stadiums, construction sites, quarries, etc.

The web based high-mast lighting calculator is located on the company's website in the 'Services' tab. The calculator allows the user to set object parameters, select high-mast type and compute information relating to the lux level across various distances.

How the service works:

  • The user opens an online service page on the site, the system then displays the service interface.The user configures parameters for the lighting object, and the system transforms the area dimensions into 2D and 3D view.
  • Using the mouse, the user can arrange the area illuminated by the high-masts in the 2D view. The system displays the high-masts in both 2D and 3D views, with a configured lighting crown selection. By moving the mouse cursor over the workspace, a tooltip is displayed showing cursor coordinates and lux values at specific points.
  • The user can determine the height, the crown shape, and the high-mast lamps arrangement scheme for any selected high-mast.
  • The system displays the high-mast view according to the specified parameters in both 2D and 3D.
  • Once the high-mast lamp is selected, the chosen modification is designated to all high-masts.
  • The user then clicks on the ‘Calculate’ button, and the system loads the Calculation Service data. After the calculation, the system displays the light distribution in 2D/3D view and writes the output data into a results table.
  • The system generates the lighting calculation report and loads it into a new browser tab.
Node.js. Express
Bitrix API
Internet Explorer 9/10/11
Mozilla Firefox 12
Google Chrome
Apple Safari 4.0
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