Prostheses Data Collection and Visualization Web Service

Our client's company is at the forefront of research into the convergence of medical and robotics technologies, developing modern bionic and traction prostheses for children and adults. Their range of children’s prostheses resemble toys like blasters, GoPro cameras, a compass, and other devices that can be built into them.

The Objective

The client contacted Axmor with the objective of designing and developing a software solution which would manage the prostheses data collection with the subsequent data visualization. This feature is necessary in order to monitor the prosthesis functions, as well as the patient’s rehabilitation progress.

The Software Solution

The Axmor team designed a web service to which prostheses data is sent. Telemetry is visualized in graphs with Node-Red, that can be sorted according to various filters. Now, data from prostheses can be analyzed by the company's specialists to improve the prostheses technical characteristics. In the future, our client is planning to create a service for rehabilitation specialists, which will assist in the monitoring of a patient’s adaptation progress.

MQTT\Eclipse Mosquitto
Axmor's developers immediately understood our requirements and suggested implementation ideas. The interaction with the developers was very productive and enjoyable.
Data Collection

Using the MQTT protocol, prosthetic data is sent for analysis. The streaming data is presented graphically with the flow-based Node-RED no-code tool.

Data Visualization

The web app visualizes the received data.

Parameter List with an Option to Filter

Prostheses telemetry can be sorted according to various filters, such as: battery voltage and charge, temperature, movements count per time period, etc.

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