Cognitive Sales Intelligence System

IBM sales managers and customer assisting. Multi-criteria problems modeling and selection of optimal solutions.


To develop a mobile app that IBM Sellers and Business Partners can use as a trusted sales advisor.


Axmor created a mobile app for the iOS platform, giving access to company data, and providing detailed personality profiles for individual clients. In addition, the app to assists in the search for sales assets and successful sales solutions.

iOS / Adopted for iPad
Main Features
Personal Assistant

The application uses natural language interaction to answer a user’s questions and provide recommendations. Users can interact with the system via “Text to Speech”, “Speech to Text” and “Text to Text”. Answers are presented in the chat window in the form of a brief report. Where necessary, the user can access more detailed information such as the data source, the most recent update and the assistant’s confidence level. The personal assistant is always learning. It gets smarter with every question asked and adapts to user preferences and language usage over time.

Company Profile

IBM Sellers and Business Partners can explore various companies and their profiles, accessing basic company information and related media content in preparation for sales calls. The news timeline displays news reports published about a particular company over a given period of time and define their overall sentiment (positive, negative or neutral). If desired, users can access more details about each story, related links for further research and a link to the original publication.

Personality Profile

This function provides a client personality profile based on social media data streams. A profile graph is displayed in accordance with the five-factor model, which includes openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The profile helps paint a picture of the client’s key personality traits and generates actionable ideas on how to approach this personality type. In addition to other valuable information, the app displays the client’s twitter profile helping the user understand which topics the client might find appealing.

Sales Assets Analyzer

The application helps IBM Sellers and Business Partners quickly find solutions that meet the customer’s requirements. The user can describe the client’s brief in their own words or copy and paste notes in the tool. The system then chooses the most suitable sales assets based on the request such as case studies, customer references, presentations, etc. All necessary documents can be saved in specific folders for offline viewing.

Provided Value
Applying AGILE methodology
Weekly sprints and daily online communication during the active development stage enabled us to respond swiftly to changes and establish effective interaction within the team for prompt resolution of complex technical challenges.

Сreating a Minimum Viable Product
Our team became involved at the early stages of MVP development, when the experience of a highly skilled team can make all the difference. Involvement at this stage enabled us to develop and produce a new product with an optimal quality/price ratio.

Using state-of-the-art tools
In order to simplify the process of application development and improve the effectiveness of communication between the customer and our team, we made active use of the Slack and Zeplin services.
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