Fugitive Emission Data Capture

Our customer provides fugitive emission management services to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.


To automate detection and measurement of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions processes.


Axmor created a mobile app for the Android platform. The application enables the user to:

  • manage facilities and inventories;
  • communicate assessment results and emission survey results;
  • update repair status and record repair activities for each leak;
  • monitor safety records.

The mobile app assists field crews in conducting prompt monitoring of inventories and tracking results.

Spring Boot
Google Android
GreenDAO 2
Main Features
Managing Facilities and Inventories

A user registers a list of facilities for each company and sets its hierarchical structure. When filling out the facility form, the user enters the name, facility type, industry segment and gas emission type.

Managing Assessment Data

Field crews fill out assessment forms for each facility. The form includes fields for instrument types, start date and end date, pipeline technical parameters (wind speed, site time, temperature), and emission presence.

Measuring Fugitive Emissions

If an emission is detected, the application will automatically create a form. The user can then enter the emission type, repair status and technical parameters (pressure, severity, etc.)

Uploading Emission Photos and Videos

After filling out the emission form, users can upload photos and videos of fugitive emissions. Field crews shoot video using an infrared camera, upload the video to a mobile device and synchronize it with the database.

Tracking Repairs

Once the user has created an emission form, a repair form is generated automatically. A member of the field crew then updates the repair status, date, and enters their ID number. In order to create a transparent work environment, the app saves the repair status history.

Monitoring Safety Records

Field crews have access to the safety records of each facility. The app provides an effective method of identifying sources of threat and monitoring compliance in emergency response plans.

Users can sign directly on a mobile device screen to confirm the procedure.

Generating Reports

Field crews can use the app to generate various reports for corporate or regulatory submissions such as assessment and emission reports, repair status, and safety reports.

Provided Value
  • The app Axmor developed has eliminated the need for paper documents and created a single space for data storing and processing.
  • The app saves the history of changes made to reports, which allows users to return to earlier versions and keep track of their status.
  • Data synchronization between mobile devices and online database.
  • Wide range of filtration options by gas types, repair status, facility name, etc.
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