IBM Product Catalogs

A mobile applications that provide detailed information on IBM product lines.


To develop mobile applications that provide detailed information on IBM product lines as well as links to publications about these products.


Axmor developed a family of mobile product catalogs that enable users to download detailed information about IBM product lines to their iPhones. The mobile applications are targeted at network administrators, technicians, and sales consultants registered on the IBM PartnerWorld portal.

Cocoa Touch
Axmor team was a pleasure to work with. Responsive, professional, on time, and on budget.
Catalog Content Management

Using WordPress allows our client to easily manage the content of product catalogs, quickly add new marketing or technical materials, and create new product catalogs.

User Authorization

We integrated these mobile applications with the IBM PartnerWorld portal. This allowed users to log onto the mobile applications with their existing PartnerWorld logins and passwords.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Users can view full descriptions of each product, key features, detailed technical specifications, and images. With these mobile applications, users can find links to external resources with additional information about IBM products. The applications allow users to view text, images, PDF documents, and video files.

Automatic Updates

The applications automatically check for updates upon start-up and save the information in the smartphone's memory. As a result, users always have up-to-date information about IBM products.

Offline Operation Mode

The applications can work both with and without internet access. In the offline mode, the applications use the latest version of the catalog saved in the smartphone's memory.

Provided Value
A flexible solution allowing our customer to easily create new product catalogs in-house.Special methods of user engagement help to keep users highly interested in the applications.
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